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Genarps Lådfabrik AB
Kontoristgatan 4
247 70 Genarp
Tlf.: 040-48 01 90
CVR: 5564395266

GLF Polska Mielec Sp. z.o.o

ul. Wojska Polskiego 9
39-300 Mielec

​​Tel.:0048 17 788 71 50

GLF Polska Sp. z.o.o

ul. Baltycka 16
76-200 Słupsk

​​Tel.: 00 48-059 725 12 15


​Traversvägen 4

136 50 Haninge​

​​Tel.: 040-48 01 90

Fax: 040-48 21 23

We are present not only in Genarp

We have found that we could not limit our presence to Genarp only, to enable us to offer our clients cost-effective prices, which take into account often expensive transport services. We had to get closer to our customers. We started from establishing our warehouse in Helsingborg, and currently we operate in seven locations, including three in Poland. Due to the strategic locations of our warehouses we are able to help our customers to maintain the same high standard of packing cases, regardless of their country of manufacture. Taking over plants and commencing operations in new locations on the Continent has enabled us to supply our products throughout Europe. Our pallets can now be found not only in Sweden, but we also sell them to Denmark, Norway, Germany, Belgium and Holland.​




Kontoristgatan 4

Box 12, 247 70 Genarp​

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​​Tel:​ 040-48 01 90