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System solutions

They may involve using europallet, two pallet collars with a divider and particle board pallet lid. This might be your current solution, which nonetheless could also deliver some savings. The europallet could be replaced by pallet B only, and its lid could be made of hardboard.

We can help you in reviewing your packaging needs and in designing a comprehensive system solution. Such system solution takes into account all aspects, starting from stability of goods, weather conditions during transit and weighing process as well as costs and the likelihood of delivery. While we do not want to be called the packaging consultants, perhaps we often exercise such function and it is where we are simply the best.

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​GLF Genarps Lådfabrik AB

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Industriområdet, Kontoristgatan 4

Box 12, 247 70 Genarp

Contact us:

Tel: +46 40-48 01 90

Fax: +46 40-48 21 23


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