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Container packing becomes time-consuming?

Test us- we have expertise and we are fast

Packing of goods designed for export requires know-how. Some sensitive products must not only be protected against an impact, but also stored during the transit in an upright position. Some products might be susceptible to moisture etc.

We will find the best solution for you, i.e.: provide capable goods delivery personnel and application of materials protecting goods against impact, to suit your needs.

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​GLF Genarps Lådfabrik AB

​Industriområdet, Kontoristgatan 4

Box 12, 247 27 Genarp

​Tel. +460-48 01 90

Fax 040-48 21 23


N 55° 36.341', E 13° 24.162'

GLF:s address


Industriområdet, Kontoristgatan 4

Box 12, 247 70 Genarp

Contact us:

Tel: +46 40-48 01 90

Fax: +46 40-48 21 23


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