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Environment protection and recycled raw materials

We use timber to produce our pallets and packaging. Waste materials, including shavings and sawdust, are sold to the heat generating plant. We manufacture almost half a million pallets for our clients from the following lines of business: manufacturing of plastics, foodstuffs, construction and agricultural engineering. Most of our packaging is produced for export. But this is not all – we recover and resell more pallets than we produce. Pallets reaching an end of their useful life are carted to the heat generating plant to be burned and converted into heat energy.

Our premises are heated using heat generated by the underground water. To put it simply: we draw water from the depth of 45 metres and pump it pack to the depth of 85 metres. We use the same water to cool our premises in summer. It is so called environment friendly air-conditioning not involving application of freons. Since 2003 we have been holding environment protection ISO 14000-1:2004 certificate.

We are members of Svenskt Returträ AB – an organisation resolving issues relating to the manufacturers responsibilities regarding timber packaging. Svenskt Returträ is proposing to establish a recovery of secondary raw materials system relating to timber products and sawmill industries, to address legal requirements relating to the manufacturers responsibilities. A long term objective is to create a recovery system for all timber products.

Certificate KD/ISPM15 enhances quality of packing cases and timber packaging available on the international market

We recommend purchasing of marked cases and timber packaging for exporting goods outside the European Union. More relevant information is available on the Swedish Agriculture Board website.

ISO Certificates

Considering that an increasing number of our customers were inquiring about our environmental protection accreditation, we commenced our certification process to comply with the ISO 14000-1 standard. We completed this process in 2003 and we have been operating in accordance with ISO 14001:2004 since. One year later we obtained our accreditation under the ISO 9001:2000 certificate.

Company policy

While developing our products and continuously introducing improvements, we must also comply with our customers’ needs and expectations and, at the same time, minimise and prevent the environment pollution.

We need to make a continuing effort to improve our workplace environment, prevent sickness, accidents at work, employee discrimination and bullying.

Our defined objectives, action plans and continuous improvements will enhance our competitiveness.

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