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Operations policy

Genarps Lådfabrik is a company that manufactures and trades cargo carriers, wooden packaging and accessories for packaging, as well as recycling cargo carriers and wooden packaging.

​Genarps Lådfabrik's ambition is to supply the European market with cargo carriers, new as well as used of the right quality and satisfy the local area with wooden packaging.


1. Operations- Our business must be adapted so that product requirements, customer requirements, the environment's environmental requirements, working environment requirements and other requirements for the company are met.


2. Continuous improvements- Through our work on product development and continuous improvement, we must meet our customers' needs and expectations and at the same time minimize and prevent our environmental impact. We shall continuously work to improve the working environment for all employees and minimize illness, accidents, discrimination and bullying. Through established goals, action plans and constant improvements, we must strengthen our competitiveness.

​3. Resources- The staff is the company's primary resource. Through continuous external / internal training, the level of knowledge and awareness in the company is ensured. Equal pay for equal work shall apply within the company, where differences in pay may not occur due to gender affiliation - religion or other ethnic affiliation. In the case of new recruitment, selection criteria must deal with competence, cooperation relationships, references and suitability. Gender affiliation must not be a selection criteria. The company shall, within its own conditions and in accordance with this policy:

-Work to achieve an even distribution between female and male workers.

-Work for a diversity of ethnic affiliation within the company

​4. Cooperation- Cooperation/ collaboration is obvious in our organization and is a prerequisite for our business. Within the organization we agree to keep the workplace drug-free. Together with our customers and suppliers, we shall work to reduce our common environmental impacts.​

                                                                                                                                            Genarp 2016-04-28                                                                                                                                                    Johan Wester / CEO                                                                                                                                           AB GLF Genarps Lådfabrik

​GLF Genarps Lådfabrik AB

​Industriområdet, Kontoristgatan 4

Box 12, 247 27 Genarp

​Tel. +460-48 01 90

Fax 040-48 21 23


N 55° 36.341', E 13° 24.162'

GLF:s address


Industriområdet, Kontoristgatan 4

Box 12, 247 70 Genarp

Contact us:

Tel: +46 40-48 01 90

Fax: +46 40-48 21 23


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