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​​A green start for Malte and Anna

​Year 1938 W Hedlund och Co opened what later would become GLF AB. They were then making vegetable boxes to the close by farmers.

We are still making boxes for vegetables and fruit, but today the new production and recycling of pallets is what makes up the biggest part of our business, over a million a year.

Another important part of our production is the plywood- and chipboard boxes. We are also producing wooden hedges, pallet collars and special pallets.

 We also supply  shop fittings – all in wood - as well as gift boxes and wooden wool for wine boxes and turkey nests.

Malte Persson and his wife thoughts about how they wanted to run the company are still alive.

The main main characters for us are the customers. The most important for us is to deliver what you need- Det viktigaste är att leverera det ni behöver – preferably in a better way or with a smarter solution than you expected. Delivering on time, at the right price and the right quality is a given.

Pallet and packaging for three generations

1938 W. Hedlund & Co startade produktion av grönsakslådor i Genarp

1941 W. Hedlund & Co started the production of vegetable boxes in Genarp.

1941 Malte Persson starts as a managing dirctor at the company.
1960 Malte and Anna Persson founded AB Genarp's Lådfabrik

1964 Kent Persson (Maltes son) started at the company
1990 Johan Wester (Kents son) started at the company
1997 Number of employees was 14
2000 Kent Persson and Johan Wester acquire the company from the Persson family

2001 Builds a new factory in Genarp
2002 AB Genarps Lådfabrik moves from their 64 year old factory to their new
2002 Were apponited the business of the year in the municipality of Lund

2004 ISO environment and quality certificate

2005 Opens a subsidary- GLF Polska, in Slupsk, Polen

2006 Number of employeees 23, excluding Polen

2007 Gyllebo Träemballage AB acquires Gärsnäs

2008 GLF Genarp is expanding

2009 GLF Builds the new pallet dryer. Number of employees 47st

2012 Opens their second factory in Polen, Mielec. 

2013 Johan Wester takes the CEO role from Kent Persson, who remains vice president.

2014 In February we put down GLF Gyllebo

2017 Johan Wester purchased Kent Persson's shares and becomes the sole owner of the GLF Group.

​GLF Genarps Lådfabrik AB

​Industriområdet, Kontoristgatan 4

Box 12, 247 27 Genarp

​Tel. +460-48 01 90

Fax 040-48 21 23


N 55° 36.341', E 13° 24.162'

GLF:s address


Industriområdet, Kontoristgatan 4

Box 12, 247 70 Genarp

Contact us:

Tel: +46 40-48 01 90

Fax: +46 40-48 21 23


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